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Pathfinders Six Months Online Live Options Strategy Training with live Trading by Yogeshwar Vashishtha (M-Tech-IIT)
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31 Mar 2023
6 Month
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Pathfinders Six Months Online Live Options Strategy Training with live Trading by Yogeshwar Vashishtha (M-Tech-IIT)
Pathfinders Six Months Online Options Strategy Training is a Three Days of  recording + 48 live options strategy trading (1 hours each) Two times a week - with recording. You will be taught options concepts and execution of option trades.

Training Suitable For - People who want to master the Options Strategies especially the Directional Neutral strategies to earn a consistent 5% per month & Directional Strategies to earn upto 25% per month 
More then 30 Directional & directional neutral strategies will be taught in live market. You will be taught Intraday Directional Neutral Trading Strategies, Weekly Expiry Trading Strategies, Monthly Strategies & Results Strategies with Protection. Minimum Capital requirement is 50K. 
Learn to earn approx 5 percent a month stress-free by trading in a range by direction neutral strategies & upto 25% by directional strategies. He also teaches strategies to make money by controlling the movement of stocks using a combination of options buying and option writing. With option strategies, the market is in your control.
In the start you will practice with the virtual account till you are skilled & then you can start trading with real money.
Technical Analysis Traning - Recording – 12+ hours of technical analysis
Day 1 - Recording - Concepts Learning - 4.5 Hours
Day 2 - Recording - Strategy and Trading Methods - 4.5 Hours
Day 3 - Recording - Strategy Building & Trading in Live market - 5 Hours
Once you finish the Technical Analysis training & 3 days of Recordings you will get 48 Online live trading sessions 1 hours each two times a week in Live Market with recording.  
Following topics would be covered.
Introduction to Options
Possibility to double your money in a day
Derivative Market
Advantage of option trading over stocks & futures
The language of Options
Understanding Time Decay
Options Payoffs
Using Technical Analysis to trade Options
Using Fundamental Analysis to Trade Options
Pricing Models
Implied Volatility & Open Interest
Risk Considerations & Management
Using software to analyse options
Option Strategies
Volatility Spreads
Bull & Bear Spreads
Writing Options v/s Buying Options
Hedging with Options
Volatility Index
Trading Stock Options
Trading Index Options
Trading Forex Options

Regular Price - 45000
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Why should you trade options strategy?
Let us understand this using the following benefits given:
1.      Options are a three-dimensional product. You can use this in uptrend or downtrend or sideways trend.
2.      Another benefit of using the option is the cost efficiency. When you buy options, you are only paying a premium. Therefore, it is very cheap. For example, when you want to nifty future, you need to pay 8-9 lacks. But if you want to buy the same qty in options, you require only 2 percent or 3 percent of the total amount. The benefit is, you will have the same movement with options as you will have in the futures.
3.      Another major benefit is that you can have more strategic alternatives using options. You can create strategies using options where on average you can make 5-15 percent every month with very less risk involved than other products.
Risk: Seeing the benefits of options trading, you might be thinking that now I should trade only options. Yes, it is true that if you understand it properly, you can make more money, but if it is not handled properly, and then you can lose all of your capital even the stock is moving in your direction of trade.
To make your journey of options trading smoother and easier, we at Pathfinders training bring one of the best courses for you in options trading which is the “Six-Month Online Advance Option Course”. After successful completion of this course, you would be able to trade in all the market conditions with proven 20+ strategies to trade using options.
Yogeshwar Sir started the advance options trading room in Jan18 and he is trading the advance options methods with the traders with direction neutral strategies and other strategies which are giving 5 to 10% per month to date. It’s not guaranteed but a very high probability as the direction of the move is not involved or regulated with a strategy.
I strongly recommend you do the “Six-Month Online Advance Option Course” from Pathfinders Trainings and learn to earn approx. 5 percent a month stress-free by trading in a range.
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