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Pathfinders Online 6 Months Stock Market Training with Live Trading & Lifetime Mentoring by Yogeshwar Vashishtha (M.Tech.IIT)
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14 May 2022
6 Month
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Pathfinders Online 6 Months Stock Market Training with Live Trading & Lifetime Mentoring by Yogeshwar Vashishtha (M.Tech.IIT)


Training Suitable For
 - People who want to practice live trading and investing with a Professional Trader by learning and applying Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Risk Management & Psychology of Trading.

What Will You Achieve - Trade independently stocks, futures and options, Proficiency in doing intraday trading and swing trading by using price action, technical parameters, candlestick patterns and stock filtering. You will be able to create wealth by building a long-term dynamic stock portfolio using the portfolio building strategies.

The major parts of the training are -‚Äč

  • Lifetime Mentorship Program for Traders and Investors
  • Full day Live Trading Practice with Yogeshwar Vashishtha
  • Fundamental Analysis for Portfolio Building
  • Technical Analysis for Trading
  • Risk management to handle your money
  • Psychology of Trading to control and manage your emotions
  • All Asset Classes: Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodity, Forex
  • Four Type of Trading: Intraday, Swing, Positional, Long-term
  • Portfolio building with Fundamental & Technical Analysis

This practical online 6 months Stock Market Training with live market training will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to financial markets - Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodity and Forex
  2. Basic terminology, Fundamental Analysis, sector rotation
  3. Technical analysis and chart reading in detail
  4. Practical application of Candlesticks, Oscillators, Indicators.
  5. Importance of shorting and techniques of shorting
  6. Identification of overbought and oversold markets
  7. Stock selection techniques for high-profit trading
  8. Risk Management in detail - stop loss, trailing stop loss & RR ratio
  9. Position sizing for profitable and risk-free trading
  10. Stop loss techniques for capital protection and trailing stop loss for profit protection
  11. How to find your psychological setup and your trading personality for trading
  12. How to develop your own trading system & six keys to a successful trading system
  13. Meditations for traders & development of subconscious mind for trading decisions
  14. Step by step methods to develop your personal trading plan
  15. The power of Futures & Options and how to trade them for big profits.
  16. Hedging portfolio by options
  17. Commodity markets and high probability techniques to trade them
  18. International market analysis & important must know websites
  19. How to trade Indian & International Forex markets
  20. Major Indian and international currency pairs and methods to trade them
  21. Important trading platforms and their application
  22. Pathfinders Trading Techniques
  23. Trading Gaps
  24. Live trading in markets with Real Money
  25. Gann Trading
  26. Elliot Waves
  27. Neo Waves
  28. Ichimoku Trading
  29. 20+ New Indicators and Osilators
  30. Hedging of Futures contract with Options
  31. Extra topics that Sir keeps on adding

Training Fees = Rs 45000 All Inclusive.

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Bank: Axis Bank - Current Account

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Please note:
* Stock Market Trading and Investments are subject to market risks.
* Please understand market risk, and learn before doing any trading or investing 
* Payment once done is non refundable are under any circumstances

* Conditions Apply 

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