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20 Jul 2023
1 Hour
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Free Stock Market Training

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Pathfinders Trainings invites you to attend our Free Online Stock Market Training conducted by Yogeshwar Vashishtha (M-Tech-IIT), an esteemed mentor with an exceptional track record of success. He has successfully taught his unique trading setups to thousands of traders who profitably trade Stocks, Futures, Commodities, and Forex Markets. This free online webinar will be on Thursday, 20 July 2023, from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM.


The course will introduce you to the following:

  • The method to establish trading and investing as a secondary source of monthly income.
  • Techniques to professionally trade stocks, futures, commodities, options, and forex.
  • Approaches to generate regular income through trading and create wealth through investing.
  • Ways to minimize losses and maximize profits using effective risk management.
  • Methods to profit even when the market is in decline.
  • Managing market probabilities to enhance your professional trading abilities.
  • Utilizing leverage components to your advantage in trading.


To register for this free training session, please click on the link provided


These sessions and recordings are Pathfinders Trainings copyright material. Therefore, recording, downloading, sharing, uploading or unauthorised use is prohibited. Please do not share or circulate the training or training link to anybody; this is for you only. 
Payment, once done, is non-refundable under any circumstances.
Stock Market Trading and Investments are subject to market risks. Please understand market risk and learn before doing any trading or investments. 

excited to learn
26 Feb 20
i want to learn
Chandan Darbar
Chandan Darbar
29 Aug 19
I am really very grateful for this opportunity And I need to know what time this course will be strat
Ankit Ghavri
Ankit Ghavri
12 Jun 19
Can i do that course at anytime I want before the expiry
chandan yadav
I try before 9 o clock but not live
chandan yadav
01 May 19

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