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Daily Live Trading in Stock Market with Professor Yogeshwar Vashishtha (M.Tech.IIT)
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17 Jul 2022
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Daily Live Trading in Stock Market with Professor Yogeshwar Vashishtha (M.Tech.IIT)
Live Trading Everyday With Yogeshwar Sir - Pathfinders Online Intraday Trading Club 

Pathfinders Trainings is proud to announce a Live Intraday Trading Club for Pathfinders students where you will get a chance to live trade with Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha and explore the benefits of trading with an expert. Pathfinders Trainings bring this exclusive feature for all Pathfinders students who are active members of Pathfinders and also have Sharekhan account with Pathfinders Trainings. It is an attempt to encourage our traders to trade and sharpen their trading skills under our guidance and surveillance. Since your convenience is of utmost importance, our Online Intraday Trading Club has been designed as an online model to accommodate participants from across the globe and can be availed from the comfort of homes, offices, and workstations.

Some of the major benefits of becoming a member of the live Intraday Trading Club are
  1. Live trading 5 times a week (Monday-Friday) from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM with recording
  2. Live trading with Yogeshwar Sir in Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodity and Forex
  3. Pre-Market Index/ Sector Analysis and stock selection
  4. Analysis of your stocks and trading setups by Yogeshwar Sir during market hours to enhance your trading  
  5. Daily analysis of the market indexes nifty, bank nifty, finnifty, midcapnifty and sector rotation
  6. Live Trading by Identifying high probability intraday trading setups with proper entry, stop loss, and target
  7. Manage Risk in running trades using proper risk Management
  8. High probability trades using technical and risk filters that are executed for all asset classes - Stocks, Stock Futures, Stock Options, Index futures, Index options, Commodity Futures, and Currency futures.
  9. Method to manage your trade for the full day after 10.00 am 
  10. Software support and training for our traders
  11. All trades given in telegram group
  12. Trade log entry and analysis
·       Payment done are non-refundable. Credit card EMI available.
·       Please note, Stock Market Trading and Investments are Subject to market risks. Please understand risk and learn before doing any trading or Investment.

To subscribe to the trading room or for queries, contact us :
Pathfinders Team – 9022330008

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